Saturday, March 3, 2012

Twenty-two and a half

Turns out I know really smart, healthy people. Also, funny ones.

Just a quick note (hence the half) to let you know that I've gathered the thoughts you've shared and am bouncing them back to you. I'm going to try most of these suggestions, as time/travel/mindspace will allow. Maybe you want to meditate on one or more of them as well? I will wish us all some luck. And by luck, I mean willpower. Obviously.

  • Cook from Rachel Ray kid-friendly cookbook.
  • Use my crock pot at least 1x week, including friend's fabulous recipe ideas.
  • Consider a health plan with a coach.
  • Don't over think.
  • Practice moderation.
  • Add protein to snacks (cottage cheese, string cheese, yogurt, etc.).
  • Exercise 5-6x week with friend/dog.
  • Watch carb intake throughout day.
  • Have healthy snacks prepared in the refrigerator.
  • Eat whole foods and things with 5 or less ingredients.
  • Do yoga to manage stress and for exercise.
  • Make smoothies with supplements and veggies.
  • Make green juice.
  • Eat more lean protein.
  • Phase out white pasta.
  • Walk. Alone.
  • Take more classes.
  • Eat steamed greens for a day.
  • Buy bigger jeans.
  • Go to a healthy friend's house for dinner.

I'm not gonna lie, when I put it like this in a list, it feels like a demanding full time job. But I have to remind myself that it also seems pretty simple. It doesn't have to overwhelm. There's always a healthy answer to the questions, it's just a matter of being prepared and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Want a crunchy snack? Bake some kale chips. Hungry NOW? Eat a few almonds. Want sourdough toast with quince jam? Add a dollop of cottage cheese to satiate. Dust off the amazing juicer we got years ago and start juicing. Go get some new glass storage containers and spend part of Sunday shopping and prepping for the week so the frig looks colorful and delicious. Switch out pasta for healthier options. Make your smart, healthy friends invite you over to eat their healthy meals. And I might even buy a pair of bigger jeans, just because I like the suggestion so much.

Most of this stuff will fly with the whole family, but let's be serious, I'm not worried about them right now. Mama needs to get her own ass in shape, and then what I do, they will do. The husband will follow suit because if I make it, he will eat it. He's my next project. I can't very well pass at age 106 holding hands with myself, that's just depressing.

Thanks all, for reminding me to outhale. Here's to good eating! I have hope! I believe!!

PS: Don't start thinking that this blog is going to now be all about healthy eating options and my journey towards shrinking my ass. Perhaps I will update you all, maybe I won't. But I can't be all-consumed, and neither should you be.

PSS: My husband took Nine to the donut shop while I was typing this. I'm currently sitting next to a bag of donuts. Already? Testing me, already??


  1. Good luck. Nice post. You might like to look at how I do cheese snacks.

    1. Carole, I would like some of your cheese snacks, pronto. :)